Spiritually Inspired Goals

In yesterday’s blog I promised I would share daily, the seven momentous moments in my time and how each of come to transpire; the moment in time that these visions became my reality.  Having these mind pictures has helped me to set goals in a new way or is it ‘as old as time’? As a counsellor I have been taught, and teach, on how to set SMART goals being

S specific  

M measurable  

A attainable  

R realistic  

T time frame.  

But how do we go about setting goals? Are these goals just a part of our ego and self-will? What about heart driven goals? Or more importantly our souls’ purpose? I have found that the SMART goals set me up for a duality; it is either pass or fail, right or wrong, instead of embracing the learning of a life’s journey. My worldview of duality has meant that I am my own worst critic, I am the ‘mean girl’ and I lack compassion for myself. 

When I reflect on my own journey of setting and achieving goals, the most joyful and content I have been are the times I have set heart felt goals that ignite my passion and work within my value system. This has meant that I have surrendered what I think, yes, think what I ‘should do’ versus listening to what my heart and soul calls. It is embracing all aspects of myself when deciding and bringing into alignment mind, heart and soul.  So, what does surrender look like? For me it is praying to God asking, “your will be done not mine”. I know what I think is limited to right and wrong and is governed by today’s current paradigm’s and not what could be. I thrive on what is possible or imagined and by stepping out and follow my calling. For this, I need to see from a higher perspective, I need to rise like an liberated eagle and soar high to gain the vision I want. I also need to know that I am supported and not rely on my own strength and to know that I am being guided. This is embracing all of me and using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  ACT helps create psychological flexibility by inviting the person to be present, open and to do what matters to them. To do this we need to know what matters to us in life, what are the values and needs that guides our behaviour? We need to observe our thoughts, beliefs and moods as they come and go without attaching meaning or judgement so that we can be open to whatever comes.

My first online course is being launched very soon. It is entitled “Living your Authentic Life”. I will incorporate both spiritual and psychological principals to help you find your own life-map.

Goal setting needs to be inspired by the soul. It needs to be embraced by the heart and then implemented by the mind. For too long we have lobotomised both the heart and the soul and silenced them. 

We became so afraid of heart-led decisions that in the mid-20th century, a lobotomy was preformed to control emotions. This was surgical operation involving incision into the prefrontal lobe of the brain to reduced tension or agitation. In essence it was to stop a person from feeling, so decisions would not be guided by the heart.  This practice was first banned  in 1950, arguing that it was “contrary to the principles of humanity.”   

I like to call the original lobotomy, a spiritual lobotomy where we made spiritual practices  evil and wrong. If we don’t learn from history we seem to repeat it. In 1258, Pope Alexander IV  prohibited the prosecution of witchcraft. Yet a few centuries later, the church reversed its decision because of the Protestant Reformation, and witch hunts began again; most of the accused were executed by burning at the stake or hanging. Single women, widows and the women healers, leaders and prophetesses were particularly and easily targeted. It is sad to note that between the years 1500 and 1660, up to 80,000 suspected witches were put to death in Europe alone, with eighty percent of these being women. These last centuries we have not executed people for their spirituality, but we have definitely lobotomised that aspect of humanity.

Greed, power, capitalism, success and self, have been the goal to aspire too. We have forgotten to nurture our families, our community and our environment. Like many I believe, we are entering into a new Era, where we all can have a voice, and yes our thoughts and values are different to the contemporary thinking.

By Mark Henson

So dear reader as we look towards 2022 I encourage you to set your goals from a heart and soul space.  Take time to just sit, observe what you see, listen, allow thoughts to drift in and out of your mind. Then write: 

My intention or goal for this coming year is ……………(Sit and allow it to come to you, don’t question it.) 

1. How do I know this is the goal in my future? 

2. Why is this goal important? 

3. What will I be able to do if I achieve this goal? 

4. Things I should remember if I get stuck?  

5. What is my promise to myself? 

MY first vision/snapshot of me teaching or training became a reality in 2001 when I started teaching the Diploma in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy. I then continued to work in the VET (Vocational Education Training) sector not only training but managing training campuses in partnership with Registered Training Organisations until September 2019. The past two years, I have been the student; learning and unlearning things that no longer serve me or society so that I can teach others what I have learnt, embracing Galileo philosophical thought of “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” Over 2022 I will be launching 7 online course that teach “embracing the gnostic and spiritual ways.”

Poem Mary Allison- summarised.

Let the old world meet its fate. 
No amount of psychoanalysis will cure or stop a broken system from dying. 
Be the doula for a new earth. 
You’re infinite potential woven into the tapestry of a new timeline. 
You’re free now, if you’d like to be. 
A new earth emerges, let it.

I have learnt not to question but to just observe. When I tried to put this poem into italics, this is the outcome, the poem has been shortened. I have copied and pasted both versions. Perhaps the summarised version is what we need to know for the moment.

Poem Full version by Mary Allison.

An old world is crumbling, let it.The agenda is becoming painfully obvious, let it.People are questioning fabricated lies they’ve been told, let them.Others, are achingly intertwined in a dark domain of inverted reality – let them be.Even as the matrix slowly collapses, it still uses mind games and manipulation to distort the truth, let it.Allow the old reality to crumble.The disproportionate ideologies of Rome to fall.Let an inorganic reality built on global pessimism and materialistic addiction collapse.There is an organic process trying to emerge… let it.Those who have awakened from the matrix will not find salvation in desperately attempting to prove the matrix to itself.Let the matrix reap its own karma, its life cycle unwind, as it has no choice but to reveal itself through clumsy missteps of parabolic paranoia and pathological persuasion.Allow those who have a trauma bond with the matrix, to fall in love with systemic deceit.Humans have to make mistakes to learn. Let them.The time and focus spent detailing the corruption and mechanistic means of a dying society, can be spent building and creating anew.Let the old world meet its fate.No amount of psychoanalysis will cure or stop a broken system from dying.Be the doula for a new earth.You’re infinite potential woven into the tapestry of a new timeline.You’re free now, if you’d like to be.A new earth emerges, let it.- Mary Allison Art: Mark Henson

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