As I sit here in my dark lounge room, I am mesmerized by the Christmas tree lights that fill me with a sense of peace and warmth, as the different colours of the tree lights flicker. I love this time of night when everything is quiet, and one can just be. Tomorrow is Epiphany Day and as per tradition, I will pack up the Christmas Tree and all the decorations that adorn the living room. The moonbeam glistening on the pool water catches my attention and I feel that I am being called outside to stand under the night sky and gaze up at the stars, and I am reminded that the Maggi or wisemen followed the stars to find baby Jesus. Shepherds saw angels and the wisemen were guided. The stars have guided many travellers over the centuries, and I am in deep appreciation of the light that illuminates our path. Outside in the night air is a place of serenity that fosters deep contemplation.   There are so many traditions over the centuries that we have forgotten or not valued. Now that I know what Epiphany Day is, I will forever cherish it, as it marks when I awoke from a spiritual slumber and my path was illuminated.  Epiphany day, 1992 the light of the Angel radiated in my bedroom and delivered me my life-maps. In 1995 the gift of Calebs near arrival and then in January 2020 in Scotland I found the meaning of the last life-map vision being the sack of money under the tree.   

I knew that the 6th of January had always been such a special day for me but I didn’t know the significance of that date. To  honour that day, we had decided to travel to the very top of Scotland  with the anticipated hope that we might see the Northern Aurora Borealis Lights. It is only as  I  was writing  this that I realised that Sleeping Beauties name was Aurora.

Researching the name,  it was with a peaceful inner reassurance that I read  Aurora means  “Dawn” which is mystical and romantic name, as this Epiphany day, the day I was chasing  the Northern Night lights and Rainbows.  I  certainly awoke like Sleeping Beauty to a very mystical new way of living.  I will look forward to completing this tomorrow as it is nearly 9pm. Time to post and say good night. I will edit the rest in of my writing tomorrow and update.

Tonight I will sleep with anticipation to see what is illuminated tomorrow.

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