Life: The Art of Transforming Pain & Suffering into Wisdom.

It is time to embrace truth and a stop believing the lies of “Happily Ever After Fairytales” or the ‘Happiness and Prosperity Doctrine, as these set us up for disillusionment which affects our mental health and overall wellbeing. Our worldview of life creates our interpretation of our reality. Unfortunately many of us, including me, thinkContinue reading “Life: The Art of Transforming Pain & Suffering into Wisdom.”

Serendipitously: Theology and Psychology intertwining in Song

Tonight is a music tribute as there is so much wisdom that can be gained through the creative arts of song, poetry, stories and dance. I love it when situations and thoughts just interweave together to form a beautiful tapestry, serendipitous moments that bring synchronicity.  Serendipity is an unplanned fortunate discovery. This morning I went into the shopContinue reading “Serendipitously: Theology and Psychology intertwining in Song”

Goals I have not achieved

As I sit here on New Year’s Eve, I find that I can look at all the things that have been chaotic and heart-rendering or I can choose to see the good that this year has delivered. I am grateful for the lessons learnt, the achievements obtained and the wisdom I gained through acknowledging my disappointments andContinue reading “Goals I have not achieved”

Spiritually Inspired Goals

In yesterday’s blog I promised I would share daily, the seven momentous moments in my time and how each of come to transpire; the moment in time that these visions became my reality.  Having these mind pictures has helped me to set goals in a new way or is it ‘as old as time’? As a counsellor IContinue reading “Spiritually Inspired Goals”